Matter to Life Undergraduate Research Opportunities (MtL-URO)

Matter to Life Undergraduate Research Opportunities (MtL-URO)


The Max Planck School Matter to Life is offering flexible, 10 - 12 week long research internships for excellent undergraduates.  These research internships will be available in Matter to Life Faculty member’s laboratories (see the Faculty page).  Motivated students interested in performing research in the field of Matter to Life have one application round opportunity each year.  The internship can take place during the months of June – November (application portal opens in February with a due date of March 1st).

What you need to apply:

  • CV (maximum two pages)
  • E-mail addresses of two referees who will be contacted to submit a Letter of Recommendation
  • Current transcript of records
  • Personal statement (maximum two pages), handwritten*
  • A list of your top three Matter to Life laboratories to perform the internship, ranked in order, with #1 being your first choice. Please only provide Faculty (i.e. Professor) names; do not include any other information. You should decide on your top three laboratories from the list of Faculty on the Faculty page.
  • The timeframe in which you could perform your internship, e.g. "Flexible between June 3, 2019 - September 27, 2019" or "Exact dates for 10 weeks: June 3, 2019 - August 9, 2019"

*Not typed! We believe handwritten statements are a more personal way to communicate your research experiences and interests. Please scan your handwritten document and compile with the rest of your digital application package.

How to apply:

  • An online application portal will become available on this page. Please check back for the next applicaiton round opening February 2020. 

When to apply:

  • Apply by March 1, 2020 (24:00 CEST) to be considered for an internship during June – November 2020 (application portal will open February 2020).


  • How long is the internship? The internship lasts between 10 and 12 weeks.
  • When does the internship take place? The internship can be performed within the months of June – November. You will determine the exact dates of your 10 – 12 week-long internship within the respective timeframe of your application round. Please indicate your availablity in your application.
  • Is the internship funded? Yes! Travel to/from your home country, a living allowance, as well as any applicable visa fees will be paid for. 
  • Who is eligible to apply? Any excellent undergraduate student interested in performing research in the field of Matter to Life. You should have some research experience and your major should be within one of the following fields: physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, materials science, or engineering (or a related sub-field, e.g. bioengineering). Your personal statement should highlight your previous research experience.
  • Where are the internships held? The internships are held in the laboratories of Matter to Life Faculty members within Germany.  Our Faculty are located in Heidelberg, Munich, Göttingen, Potsdam, Dresden, Dortmund, Aachen, Marburg, Saarbrücken, and Mainz. Please see the Faculty member’s own website to find out where their organization is located.
  • Do I need to obtain Letters of Recommendation from my referees? No. You will simply input their e-mail addresses into the application portal and they will be automatically contacted by our system. However, we do recommend that you separately inform your referees about your intentions to apply and that they will be asked for a letter before submitting your application.
  • Do I need to learn German to perform a MtL-URO? No! All internships will be conducted in English.
  • Who can I contact if I have questions? Feel free to e-mail our coordination team at
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