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Coordination Team 

Please contact your site-specific coordinator for site-specific questions. All general questions should be directed to the main office email address ().

MtL Main Office at The Max Planck Institute for Medical Research

Heike Böhm

General Scientific & Educational Coordinator

Andrew Holle

Research & Teaching Curriculum Coordinator

Maria Ott

Scientific Coordinator Marketing & Events

Julia Ricken

E-learning Coordinator

Jessica Wiedmaier

Financial Coordinator

Jennifer Young

Research & Teaching Curriculum Coordinator

Meike Zörner

Administrative Assistant

Heidelberg - Heidelberg University

Jessica Wiedmaier

Göttingen - University of Göttingen

Nadja Miosga

Local Scientific Coordinator, Göttingen

Anne Pawsey

Local Teaching & E-learning Coordinator, Göttingen

Munich - Technical University of Munich

Petra Bele

Local Scientific & Financial Coordinator, Munich

DWI - Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials

Julia Wette

Local Scientific Coordinator, Aachen

Mailing Address

Max Planck School Matter to Life
Jahnstrasse 29
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

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