Max Planck School Matter to Life

Max Planck School Matter to Life

The doctoral program at the Max Planck School Matter to Life will offer highly talented and motivated students a superior training in the fundamentals, methods and approaches in the rapidly developing field of Engineering of Life-like Processes and Systems. "What, exactly, is life?", and "Can life-like processes, functions and objects be quantitatively simulated, predicted and created in the laboratory?" are the overarching questions addressed in the curriculum and research training.

The Max Planck School Matter to Life is organized by the Heidelberg University, the Göttingen University, the Technical University of Munich, the Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials at the RWTH Aachen and different Max Planck Institutes. Faculty and researchers from diverse scientific backgrounds, but with overlapping research interests will mentor and teach the students which may then choose from over 20 of Germany’s most renowned and successful research laboratories to pursue their research in the emerging scientific area of The Physics, Chemistry and Engineering of Life .

Students with backgrounds in chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, bioengineering or materials science are encouraged to apply to the Max Planck School Matter to Life.

We offer:

  • Generous financial, residential & medical insurance support
  • Excellent research opportunities
  • Unique and inspiring setting

Please check our webpage for the upcoming details on the application process for the school year starting September 2019.

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