White light source: Specially prepared crystal fibres produce a broad spectrum of light from monochromatic laser pulses. This “supercontinuum” can be spread out in space using a prism at the end of the fibre. © Xin Jiang/MPI for the Science of Light

A passion for science

Close personal exchange for the best doctorate in Germany

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" - that is the underlying idea of the Max Planck Schools, giving graduate education in Germany a completely new direction and making this new concept uniquely attractive for outstanding doctoral candidates worldwide.

In Germany, the best researchers in a specific field are often working at different universities and non-university research institutions spread throughout the country. The Max Planck Schools will serve as hubs gathering this distributed knowledge. Here, the brightest minds in their fields have come together from within the scientific community to interconnect in ‘faculties’ made up of active researchers.

Through close personal exchange and mentoring, living and studying together in small groups, and with the help of an excellent infrastructure the most ambitious Bachelor or Master graduates will be able to learn from the leading experts in various disciplines - all driven by their passion for science.

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