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Why should I choose Germany for my abroad PhD Studies?
If you're still looking for the perfect program to do your doctorate, a new opportunity in Germany should be on your list. Plus, in Germany you can expect a fantastic research infrastructure and of course high-ranking science institutions such as the new Max Planck Schools. mehr
Noam Chomsky...

Noam Chomsky...

... one of the most influential linguists of present times, brought the fields of linguistics, cognitive science and computer science together. #passionforscience #12


Wir möchten uns gern bei allen eingeladenen Bewerbern, die in den letzten beiden Tagen zum Bewerbungsgespräch nach Berlin gekommen sind, bedanken! 🤝 Auch wenn wir nicht allen Kandidaten einen Platz in unserem Programm anbieten können, hoffen wir, dass alle um eine gute Erfahrung reicher geworden sind. 💛 Wir sind schon gespannt auf die nächste Bewerbungsrunde.
Introducing: Michael Brecht

He is a neurobiologist, professor of "Animal Physiology / System Neurobiology and Neural Computation" at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and works at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience. 🧠 He is also one of our fellows and studies active touch and object recognition, social and sexual touch, cortical organization, cellular basis of sensations and movement generation, as well as hippocampal and parahippocampal activity linked to spatial navigation.

photo: © Neurocure, 2011

Hallo aus Berlin!

Hallo aus Berlin!

Gestern haben wir uns auf dem MindBrainBody Symposium 2019 vorgestellt und viele interessante Vorträge zu den Themen kognitive, affektive und soziale Neurowissenschaften, kognitive Neurologie und Neuropsychiatrie, Psychologie und anderen Sozialwissenschaften gehört. Dabei haben wir viele neue Kontakte geknüpft. 🤝 🧠
Helen Thomson...

Helen Thomson...

... is the science teacher you wish you'd had at school. 👩‍🏫
Introducing Christine Heim
Prof. Christine Heim, Director of the Institute of Medical Psychology at Charité Berlin, focuses her research on areas such as developmental psychobiology, neurobiology of depression and anxiety disorders, psychoneuroendocrinology, and the neural correlates of stress and emotion. She is also one of our esteemed fellows. 👍🏼 
Harnack House Berlin: International meeting place for the scientific community
Since its foundation in 1929, the Harnack House in Berlin has been a centre of international scientific exchange. Many well-known scientists have met here ever since, so it is the perfect place to meet with the invited applicants for interviews. We're looking forward to getting to know you.
<span id="fbPhotoSnowliftCaption" class="fbPhotosPhotoCaption" data-ft="{"><span class="hasCaption">Paul Valéry...<br /></span></span>

Paul Valéry...

... was an important philosophical author of the 20th century. 
<span id="fbPhotoSnowliftCaption" class="fbPhotosPhotoCaption" data-ft="{"><span class="hasCaption">António Damásio</span></span>...

António Damásio...

... is a prominent Portuguese neuroscientist and consciousness researcher. He examines the neural foundations of language and cognition as well as the connection between feeling, emotion and good sense. 🧠
Introducing Hauke R. Heekeren
He is one of our Berlin-based fellows and professor for Biological Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience at the Freie Universität Berlin – Hauke Heekeren. His lab mainly investigates the neuroscience of decision-making.
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